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A thriving community that promotes inclusivity, education, empathy, and empowerment for women


Our Mission

While our roadmap is a guideline for our plans regarding our first season, our ultimate goal is to help women and all people embrace their inner divinity and power. Some of our long term highlights to accomplish over the next years include:

Scholarship & Charity: Establishing and funding a yearly scholarship program to help women in need attend a school of their choice, as well as donating to charities that resonate with our values.

Epic Events: Exclusive epic events on a yearly basis that will allow holders to experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Our roadmap


Collection Launch

The Women Tribe collection will be available to mint here on our website. The presale will begin on February 15th and the public sale will begin on February 19th.


Charity Donation

We will be donating 5% of primary sales to OutRight International’s EmpowHER program. To learn more about why we chose OutRight and about the program, please read our Medium article.


Community Wallet

The Women Tribe Community Wallet is open and deposited with 10 ETH.


Merch Website

Awesome merch for Women Tribe will now be available! You can represent Women Tribe IRL with beautiful merch designed by Izzy.


App Development & Scholarship Program

We will start developing the Women Tribe App. We’ll also announce details for the Women Tribe Scholarship Program and one of the holders who applies will receive 5 ETH.

We will be donating 5% of primary sales to a second charity (to be announced soon).


Now Commencing Season 2

The Women Tribe Team will start working on season 2 with special airdrops available to holders and exclusive giveaways.

We’ll also host a giveaway in our Discord for special holders (who own 4+ Women Tribe NFTs) to win an all-expenses paid trip to a special destination, chosen by our holders. We believe travel is one of the best ways to grow in both our personal and professional lives, so we’re excited to award this experience to our community.


Our team


Izzy, Founder & Artist


My name is Izzy, short for Isabel, and I am a 22 year old girl from Portugal. My two passions are music production and art. Here's my story:

Back in late 2019, I had the worst time of my life. Everything that could've gone wrong, did. I found out I had to go under medical intervention due to a problem in my heart (SVT) and I couldn't work for over a year because my heart would literally go from 80 bpms to 250bpms in one second. It was a horrible time of my life and I was terrified. In July 2020, I got the intervention and my heart was treated. I still couldn't work for 3 more months. During this year, I developed serious anxiety and panic attacks (something I still go through nowadays). I used to be such an independent person. I could go anywhere in the world by myself and, suddenly, I couldn't even get on the bus.

There was nothing I could do, so I started learning about crypto and, even as a newbie, I made some money with it. So, I was happy. From there, I found out about the NFT community and instantly fell in love with it. It was an unknown world to me but a very exciting one. I watched tons of YouTube videos and went to hundreds of Twitter Spaces. Finally, I decided I wanted to be a part of this.

That's how I created Women Tribe, a project inspired by and dedicated to Women around the world. I was lucky enough to get the best team one could ask for and the most wonderful community around the project. I'm excited for us and I'm excited about the future!


Jashon, Project Manager


I have been involved in cryptocurrency since late 2017 and NFTs since July 2021. My wife, Alissa, and I owned and operated a successful upholstery shop in Houston, TX for over a decade. We have an 8 year old son, who thrives with autism, and 2 dogs.

In 2017, I took a gamble with crypto as a chance to give us a leg up on life, which has now allowed us to be fully retired. With our newfound freedom, we have set out on the road to travel the United States for the past two years attending crypto/NFT events. Through supporting my wife in her NFT endeavors, I found that women artists and creators are very disproportionately given equal opportunity in this space. So I decided to start personally supporting and promoting women artists/creators. In my time doing so, I have found that the hardest working people in this space are women, so I'm honored to have been offered the opportunity to join the Women Tribe team and be surrounded by so many extraordinary women.


Rene, CMO

I have always been driven by my curiosity. Opting to travel the world over college I found myself at 17 playing in bands halfway around the world from my home town. It could have been a great career if I didn't suck so bad at performing.

I pivoted at 20 and translated my music industry skillset into managing musicians, producers and athletes. This remains a love to today, where I see the role of manager to act as a magnifying glass on talent that exists and help build a fan base / community. Today, I am an executive at Tap Mgmt and what I've learnt from management (brand deals, marketing, touring, contract negotiation, breaking up bar fights) I translate into the Web 3.0 space as an advisor. The crypto world bit my curiosity - like many people - in 2017, but it wasn’t until late 2020 when I started to see it’s real world potential, especially in building communities.

Parallel to this I’ve spent the past 8 years helping businesses reach their potential through investment, advising and structuring financing. Most have gone on to be acquired by larger conglomerates or scaled into huge profitability.


Martin, Community Manager


I’m originally from England, but spent most of my childhood in Germany due to a military upbringing. I currently live in Australia, which is much warmer and has loads more beaches! Football (or soccer depending where you’re from) is my main hobby and my first true love. Chasing waterfalls and hiking through the rainforest is a close second! I’ve been in crypto since 2018, soon realized that this was the future and began absorbing as much knowledge as I could. Recently I began exploring NFT’s and I stumbled across Izzy’s art. Needless to say, I was a fan immediately! I’m currently studying blockchain and coding to expand my knowledge, with the aim to eventually work in this space full time. I’m honored to be a part of Izzy’s team and this project!

Frequently asked questions

  • How were Women Tribe NFTs generated?

    Each Woman was programmatically generated from almost 900 hand-drawn traits.

  • When is the launch happening?

    Presale will take place at 9am PST on the 15th of February and Public Sale at 9am PST on the 19th.

  • How do I become a Verified Tribe Member in Discord?

    If you have an NFT from the Women Tribe collection in your Metamask wallet, head over to #verify-woman and type: !join

  • How do I get on the pre-sale list?

    Presale is now closed.

  • How do I get a WT?

    As soon as the collection is live, you can mint them directly from our website. Once sold out, they can be purchased on the secondary markets, like OpenSea.

  • What is the mint price?

    The price to mint 1 Woman Tribe NFT is 0.04 ETH.

  • Are there any rare 1/1s in the collection?

    Among the 10,000, there will be 10 rare 1/1s which will feature 1 to 1:30 minute music tracks.